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What is Simpli5?

Simpli5 uses a series of clear aligners similar to Invisalign to treat mild orthodontic problems and straighten mildly crowded or crooked front teeth. As the name suggests, Simpli5 removable aligners only require 5 aligners. Treatment is usually completed in 20 weeks in most cases. If both the upper and lower teeth need correcting then 10 aligners will be required.

Each aligner is worn for three to four weeks to gently and gradually move your teeth to create your perfect smile. The aligners are discreet, convenient and effective and can be removed for eating, drinking and cleaning the teeth.

Benefits of Simpli5

• Our most affordable aligners
• Simpli5 clear aligners are discreet and virtually invisible
• Treatment is quick and convenient, with most cases completed in 10-20 weeks
• Made from a unique flexible duraclear material, which ensures gentle, consistent movement

Simpli5 Can be used to treat

• Minor malocclusions – where only small rotations are required or minor tooth gaps need to be closed.
• Post orthodontic refinement – the Simpli5 system is ideal for those people who require minor refinements following more extensive braces treatment.
• Correction of orthodontic relapse – following orthodontic treatment many people forget to wear their retainers and teeth begin to move back towards their original position. The simpli5 system is ideal for those who want to correct the small movements that have occurred in such cases.
• Pre veneer alignments – the simpli5 system can be used to correct minor alignments problems before veneers are placed and this reduced the amount of tooth reduction that is required for veneers.

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