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What is root canal treatment?

Root canal treatment is carried out when the inside your tooth (the pulp) becomes infected through tooth decay or is damaged by an injury to your mouth. An infection may spread which could lead to an abscess, causing a great deal of discomfort. In some cases, the infection may also cause other tooth-related diseases and continuing discomfort. If root canal treatment is not carried out, the tooth may need to be removed.

Our dentists will carry out root canal treatment to stop the infection from spreading and will preserve as much of your tooth as possible. The treatment is carried out under local anaesthetic and should feel no different than having an ordinary filling.

Root canal treatment involves removing all of the infection from the root canal. The root is then cleaned and filled to prevent any further infection. A temporary filling is placed and the tooth is left to settle. We will arrange a follow up appointment to check the infection has cleared and permanently fill the tooth.

Root canal treatment is a skilled and time-consuming procedure and most courses of treatment will involve two or more visits. At West1 Dental Clinic our dentists have the skill and experience to ensure that your root canal therapy and treatment is completely safe, comfortable, and prevents tooth loss due to infection.