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What is the Inman Aligner?

The Inman Aligner is the perfect solution for crowded, crooked or protruding front teeth. The patented removable aligner gently and effectively moves teeth in 6 to 18 weeks to reveal a straighter and more confident smile.

It’s ideal as a stand-alone treatment or to pre-align teeth prior to further cosmetic treatment such as bonding or minimal veneers.

Inman Aligners have Nickel Titanium coil springs that power two aligner bows which gently oppose each other to guide the teeth into their new position. These gentle forces are active over a very large range of movement, which is why the Inman Aligner works so quickly.

The Inman Aligner can be used to treat problems affecting the front teeth, including mild crowding, rotated teeth and cases where one or more of your top teeth bite down on the inside of your lower teeth.

Benefits of the Inman Aligner™

• Inman Aligners are gentle, safe and effective
• Average treatment completed in just 6-18 weeks
• Affordable, discreet and removable
• Inman Aligners work well in conjunction with other cosmetic dental treatments

Picture showing an Inman aligner and how it works
Picture of an Inman aligner to straighten teeth